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Are PS Plus And Game Pass Worth It In 2023? | Spot On

It’s no secret that the price of PlayStation Plus has risen substantially. Just this past month, all three of the subscription service’s tiers saw a 30% cost increase, with the highest tier now costing $160 annually. But Sony isn’t the only company raising rates. Earlier this year, Microsoft increased the cost of its Game Pass membership, raising its $10 monthly subscription to $11, and its $15 tier to $17. We live in a world where there are an abundance of subscription services in both the gaming space and beyond it. And while many of these services have offered valuable benefits and features, that may not be the case now.

More specifically, what you’re getting may not be what you’re paying for. So, it’s time for us to ask: are subscription services worth it? And if so, which ones offer the greatest value? On this episode of Spot On, Lucy and Tamoor ask themselves that question and discuss whether the value proposition is still there for the various gaming subscription services.

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